Thursday, June 12, 2014

Learning to sew.

Anytime my son is faced with a new challenge he says "I can do it!"  In his four year old mind he could build a jet from scratch and fly it around the world if I would just let him try.  (This is what he tells me.)  But I'm a meany and I keep all of the jet engines packed up in the tool closet with the drill and hammers, out of reach.

This morning he brings me two pieces of fabric that we found at the thrift store.  "This is mine and I'm going to make a blanket and pillow for my baby."  He backs slowly towards my sewing room waiting to see if I will be a dream crusher or an enabler.

Well lucky for him he's talking dolls, so I'm all in!

After a little re-arranging of chairs and machines and some debating.  "I know how to do this, I did it before when I was a baby.   I don't need your help!"  We settled on Cleary pressing the foot pedal and guiding the fabric with me.   He also ironed the fabric (very exciting for him) and helped cut the pieces.  Turning the fabric was frustrating for him but stuffing the pillow was fun and made up for the aggravation of turning.  By the time we got to topstitching he had really gotten the hang of it and was very adamant that he is an expert after all.  Start to finish the project only took us about 20 mins, just the right amount of time to keep him from getting bored or distracted.

We are both feeling very proud of his accomplishment  When I asked him if I could share with you all he couldn't wait to take the photos.  He wanted to make sure you all knew you can make one too, he even said he would show you how!

*Cleary's doll is made by Sweet Seriah*

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I can give you wings.

My son spent a good part of the past year wanting wings so he could fly. We twisted daddy's shirts into wings or a super hero cape pinned the right way would do the trick in a pinch, we used cardboard or canvas. Everyday he was a bird and everyday he could fly. I was amazed. All I had to do was give him wings.

The best part about my job is giving, absolute, hands down, best part. I WISH I could give everything that I make away, but I would run out of supplies very quickly and you would get cardboard wings that only last one day.

What I can do is donate wings to help ease burdens, to raise funds for a good cause.
This design will be exclusive and only available through auction when I am able to contribute to a good cause.
The wings will come with a dress or overalls for the boys.
In this case I am donating to Wynter. You can find out more about the auction here, and see the set of wings and dress that I have donated being modeled by my cutie Bambo.

"I can give you wings."

Friday, March 21, 2014

snail pace, snail race...

First I will show off a few of these guys that have literally drug me to the slowest snail pace of doll making I have ever experienced.  How is that possible?  Must be power of suggestion, but I have finally finished a few and I will have a few more to come. 

Now I have to tell you guys about one of our favorite games! It's the
 Snails Pace Race Game if I were a proper blogger I would have a great family photo of us enjoying the game, maybe i'll see if I can snag one later.  It is really fun for all of us, my 2 year old and 4 year old both love to play.  You roll the colored dice to move the snails forward while cheering for your favorite color to win.  It is a cooperative game so no one wins or looses we all just scream with excitement as the snails cross the line.  You don't even have to buy the game, it is super easy to make your own version. Try it out, it's really fun! 

 Peace- Nikki

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

sing, sing a song!

My baby sings all day long.  He wakes up singing and falls asleep singing, he has been singing everyday of his 2 years of life.  I think that odd vibration in my pregnant belly must have been him singing back to me, so I might even say he started singing before he was born.

I sing to them "Cleary, Cleary, clear as the sky is Cleary.  Soren, Soren, soaring the mountaintops."  And they sing back "Mommy, mommy, pooping on Daddy's head."  Yep, I have boys.

My two boys and my two nephews are completely obsessed with the fox song by Ylvis.  They sing and dance to it all day long.  Luckily, I really love it too.  Especially the sweet baby voice version with the off key harmony.

We went to see Walking with Dinosaurs, going to the movie theatre was an adventure in itself but the movie was absolutely outstanding!  On the way home Cleary, my 4 year old, complained of boredom.  I suggested we make up a dinosaur song to sing on the way home, he said no but Soren started singing "ringading ding ring a ring... what the dinosaur say!"

I wanted artwork for the boys room that was a reminder of all the singing we do together.  
This embroidery was really simple and if you have a favorite onsie you could do the same thing!

 The tee-pee came straight from Santa's workshop... aka my studio.

When I unveiled the artwork Soren shouted "Oh my GOSH!!!!!  You made that?"  And Cleary, jumping up and down "IT'S AWESOME!"   They really know how to ham it up for a Mamma!

I upcycled my favorite baby onsie that both boys wore.  It was a special gift from my oldest friend.  (I'm giggling as I call her old, she is 6 days older than me!  What I really mean is that we have been friends since we were 12.)

I wish I had taken a photo of the shirt before I cut it up.  It was really cute, the birds flocked across the front, the back and the sleeves.  It also had a cool hipster collar. 

The boys now have artwork in their room and I am feeling accomplished.  My new years resolution is to make more art.  I suppose I am off to a start!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

excitement in the air

My boys are thriving on all of the holiday spirit!  They are lit up like dancing Christmas tree lights.  From the moment they wake up in the morning they are bouncing, jumping and singing until their heads hit the pillows again at night.  At dinner last night I was pulled out of the kitchen by the sounds of giggles and shouts.  "Mommy!!!!  You have to see this!  Hurry!!!!"  They had discovered our neighbors house twinkling across the street, fully bedazzled.  I can't get over how magical it is for them.
We started decorating the day after Thanksgiving.  This is the first year we have put up an actual tree.  The past four years we hung a felt tree with felt decorations that the boys were free to play with. The silly boys have found games to play with this tree.  They take all of the ornaments off and hang them again and they found the box of felt ornaments and just toss them on (they stick!)  Cleary also loves to hide his tiny hedgehog in the branches and see who can find him.  The absolute best is when I catch them just standing in front of it gazing.  Christmas trees are magical.

                  We made Salt dough ornaments.  One of my favorite childhood traditions.  

I've started a snowflake garland.  I had to find a tutorial online, i couldn't believe I forgot how to make them!

We have 8 days of Christmas books to open.  I have 5 days to come up with the rest of our Advent countdown...


I hope you are all enjoying the Holiday Season! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The BOO!!!!!! game!

Why wouldn't I want to sign up to bring a game to my son's preschool Halloween party?  I mean, everyone wants that job... but my fellow preschool mommies always save that spot for last, just for me.  I never pay attention and always get the last spot.  Bring a game.  Well, I've got a fix for you!  I've just invented the best preschool party game and it can be made to suit any occasion.  (maybe I didn't invent it, please let me know if you've seen this before!)

The Halloween game is called BOO!!!

First make 3 cubes with 3 different images on them.

I found my cube pattern here.

Or you can print my BOO!!!!!  cubes.  

First break up into two teams and make a score board.  You can print mine if you want... (don't mind my drawings, we can say Cleary did it.)

Each team takes turns rolling the dice.  
When someone rolls three like images everyone yells BOO! and that team gets a point.
Kind of like a preschool Yahtzee!  Which we love to play, I came up with the idea because Cleary was begging to bring Yahtzee to the party.
Easy peasy and lots of fun!

Cleary wanted to draw his own Spider...  isn't it cute!