Sunday, December 6, 2015


The best part about being a doll maker is the never ending element of surprise.  These little guys came out of nowhere!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Napling Dragon Coloring Sheet

The pattern is coming!  The Naptown Boys Napling Dragon pattern is almost completed.  I am currently editing new photos and fumbling through a new software program.  I know I've been saying it's almost finished, what I meant by that is... the pattern is finished and written but the perfectionist in me will re-do it multiple times until it's perfect.
The old software that I was suffering through, Apache OpenOffice, was reformatting the texts and photos.  It would also export the pdf files with missing pages or text and randomly pile all of the photos in the document into one big jumble.  I am now working with Microsoft Word and it is a great program and very easy to work with, but it is taking time to re-write the 50 page document.
The original photos were taken with Dragon's made of wool interlock, a pricey but amazing material that I absolutely love.  I am now recommending cotton velour as an alternative material choice.  I have used the cotton velour on Naplets and Nappers and have seen a very beautiful butterfly Napling made by a Naptown Boys Sewing Club member with Velour.  I have also retested the pattern with cotton velour, as it is a fabric that is more easily accessible in multiple colors.  YAY!  That's great news, except, I have an entirely new batch of photos to edit and insert into the pattern.
So, I keep promising that it is almost ready.  At times I was in the final edit so I was in my optimism telling the truth.  Realistically it is still almost ready, and starting over isn't all that bad.  I learn something new each draft and I will be offering you the very best version possible.

While you are anxiously waiting the pattern please work on your design sheet.  It's time to color your dragons!  You can print the coloring sheet by downloading it from Google Docs here.
Meanwhile, I still have a 20% off coupon code "happybirthday"  that is good in my shop through the end of August.  The Dragon Pattern will be in the shop before the code expires.

Please share the pictures of your colored Dragons, I would love to see them!  You can post them here or on the Naptown Boys Facebook page.

happy doll making!  Nikki

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Napling Buttefly Pattern is available now!

The Napling Butterfly Pattern is available now!

The pattern includes a 51 page book full of step-by-step photographs.  The printable pattern pages are in the very back, including a coloring sheet and detailed a diagram for embroidering the wings.

When you purchase the pattern be sure to join the Naptown Sewing Club on facebook so you can share your progress and trouble shoot any complications you may have.
I look forward to seeing all of the Napling Butterflies you create!
Please feel free to sell your Butterflies!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Giveaway and a big, huge announcement!

Next week I will be releasing my Napling Butterfly Pattern!  I have been working really hard getting this ready for you guys and I'm so excited that it's finished I want to celebrate with a big GIVEAWAY!  


Visit Rafflecopter and follow all of the directions for multiple ways to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

One of the ways to get 5 extra entries is by coloring a butterfly!  Download the PDF here -> Napling Butterfly coloring sheet and then snap a picture of  the butterfly colored the way you would make yours, or let your kids color it, either way works!

This giveaway goes until July 3rd at midnight!  The winners will be announced on Saturday along with the pattern release.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kimimela a Napling Butterfly

Kimimela dreams of becoming an Anthropologist one day. She wants to study the tribes of the past and thinks we could learn a thing or two from how they lived. She doesn't go anywhere without her travel journal. She uses it to take notes on her friends and family for practice. 
She is just about 11" tall and made of wool interlock and cotton interlock. She is stuffed with wool and her face and wings are embroidered with cotton floss. She comes with a white and gold dress, a headband, a tribal printed poncho and a leather travel journal. 
Kimimela is $300 and will be available tomorrow night at 8pm est in my etsy shop.  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bedtime and a book review: Rabbit Ears by Amber Stewart and Illustrated by Laura Rankin

Bedtime.  Thank goodness, right?

Tate reads Levi and Rowan their bedtime story.

Well sometimes our bath and bedtime routine is all fun and giggles and sometimes it's more like this....

I bet you've had nights like that too.  But no matter what, by the time we are all settled down to read our favorite books everyone is the happiest they've been all day.  Once we are cuddled in with piles of pillows, our favorite books, a few sweet yawns and rounds of "I love you's" we all know that the world is good.

Our absolute favorite book right now is Rabbit Ears by Amber Stewart and Illustrated by Laura Rankin.  Not only are the illustrations just beautiful, they are also full of life, expression and the most important part... silliness.

The book is about a little rabbit named Hopscotch who does not like having his ears washed in the bath.  No matter what, not even if his mommy bribes him with his very favorite chocolate cake.

The book is full of things to giggle about and every part is relatable to my little boys not liking to have their hair washed.  In the end Hopscotch learns from his bigger cousin that washing your ears is not all that bad and Hopscotch eventually does it on his own.

The story is a reminder to me that these little frustrations are temporary as well as a slight suggestion to my boys of how they can do things on their own, just like their bigger cousins.  All in all, I don't think you can pinpoint what makes a book THE magic bedtime book, but whatever it is this book has it.

Best wishes and a snuggly goodnight- Nikki